Number of Loans Disbursed      : 231

Amount of Loans Disbursed      : 2.418.520,38 Euro

Number of Partner Banks' Branches : 4

Number of Loans per Branch       : 57,75

Amount of Loans per Branch       : 604.630,10 Euro

*from the beginning of the project.

Ekrem K├Âmek

Ekrem K├Âmek follows family business of wholesaling food. He acts as a distributor of Yayla Bakliyat (pulse), Beyaz Kagit (tissue products), ├ľzlem Zeytin (olives), Bayram Meyva Suyu (fruit juice). He has 300 customers in Igdir and Kars. Since January 2011, he exports different types of goods on order to Georgia and Azerbaijan. Due to the shrinking of the domestic market he aims to concentrate on foreign markets. He received a SELP loan in February 2011. He thinks that both his business and Turkish economy performed well in the first half of 2011.


Kerim Aras

After trading several kinds of goods, Kerim Aras decided to open a jewelry and cosmetic shop. He is the distributor of the well known Altinba┼č Jewelry. In his cosmetic shop, he sells products of Roche, Golden Rose, L’Oreal etc. He received a SELP loan in February 2011 to cover his working capital needs and thanks to the loan could get a 5% cash discount. He thinks that this business and Turkish economy performed well in the first half of 2011 and is now adversely affected by the rise of price of gold. He plans to open another cosmetic shop in 2012.


Yusuf G├╝ng├Âr

Yusuf G├╝ng├Âr is a distributor of two well known brands Mutlu Ak├╝ ( car battery) and Good Year tires. Additionally, he builds and sells houses and acts as a licensed retailer of the Turkish National Lottery Administration. He received a SELP loan in March 2011 to cover his working capital needs. Thanks to the loan he could get a 30 % cash discount. He plans to buy a bigger workplace and run a car repair shop in addition to his current activities


Mehmet Yeter

Mehmet Yeter is a butcher and established his company in 1974. The shop is now run by his two sons, Mecit and Rehim Yeter. He received a SELP loan in March 2011 to cover his working capital needs. Rehim Yeter thinks that both their business and Turkish economy performed well in the first half of 2011.


Ta┼čkiranlar Ltd. ┼×ti

Nusret and Erkan Ta┼čkiran are in the transportation business since 2009. The company has 60 vehicles and transports freight to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran. They received a SELP loan in February 2011 to buy a vehicle.


Abdullahogullari Ltd. ┼×ti.

Mr. Ismail Demirel began business in 1978 by trade and farming. In 2004, he became the distributor of Hattat tractors and Ba┼čak tractors. He owns the company together with his brother, Idris Demirel. Demirel brothers also have other investments in different sectors such as automotive distributorship, construction, operation of fuel oil stations and a bookstore. Sales of tractors had dropped sharply during 2009; subsequently the demand for tractors increased dramatically in early 2010, to such an extent that the manufacturers could not satisfy the total demand. Consequently, the company used the SELP loan to finance the working capital needs. Including the owners there are currently 12 persons working in the company.


Men-Su In┼čaat Malzemeleri Ltd.

Mr. Erg├╝n Aras, a former bank employee, established an unlimited company in 1998 and then a limited company in 2001. He sells high quality appliances and materials used in construction like tiles, plumbings, faucets, etc.. Mr. Aras used the SELP loan for his working capital needs, which helped him to obtain a substantial discount from suppliers by buying on a cash basis. 4 people including the owner work in the business and there has not been any change in the number of staff after the SELP loan.

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